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Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 6


The steel hulled replica Endeavour at Stockton, which was launched on 19th September 1993, is due to be opened to the public from Easter this year.


Since work started on the hulk she has looked more like a workshop than a ship. Fitting out is progressing well, but will take another two years to be completed. During 1994 much effort was expended on the Great Cabin, which now has a 15 foot long handmade table and 18 foot long window seat. The cabin will be suitable for conferences, as it will hold 60 people standing up or 35 sitting down for a meal. Apart from the replica cannons already aboard, some 60 foot of masts and rigging should be added to the present 40 feet by Easter. About £750,000 of the £1.2m overall cost has so far been spent.


Volunteers to act as carpenters, needlecraft workers, souvenir sellers, guides and crew are now wanted. If you are interested in helping, please phone 01642-676844.


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Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1148, volume 18, number 2 (1995).

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