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Construction progress report


The building of a replica Endeavour at Fremantle is going very well, with an expected launch date of 26 January 1990.

The first few months of 1988 were spent constructing the building in which the replica is to built, constructing the launching ramp, installing plant and equipment, lofting and prefabrication of major wooden components of the ship's frame, floors, bends, deck beams, etc.

The construction of the ship through to 1990 will proceed as follows:

  • laying of the keel
  • standing of the stem, stern posts and deadwood
  • assembly of floors and keelsons
  • erect beams, ribands, filling and cant frames
  • fitting of keelson, knees, hooks, etc.
  • fitting of fashion pieces and transoms
  • planking of bottom and foot waling
  • fit clamps and wales
  • lay lower deck
  • planks up topsides and quickstuff
  • lay upper deck, quarter deck and forecastle
  • fit rudder, tiller, wheel, capstan, windlass, etc.
  • completion of bulwarks, stanchions and cappings
  • internal fit-out
  • fitting of deck furniture, fittings and rudder
  • caulking, painting, varnishing

In addition to the construction of the hull there will be ancillary work taking place.

i) The Hull's Carvings

Although the Endeavour was a comparatively simple vessel compared with naval ships of her era, she still had a considerable amount of ornamental carving on her stern quarter. These carvings will be produced at the Fremantle facility in a special area set aside for the purpose.

ii) The Spars

The oregon for the masts and yards will be imported from America. It will be imported as bare timber and will be fitted out at the boatshed.

iii) Sails

The sails for the vessel will be produced partly by modern methods and partly by hand finishing. They will be manufactured in the existing America's Cup sail loft in Fremantle.

iv) Running and Standing Rigging

The ship's running and standing rigging will be produced in a section of the sail loft throughout the two years. After launch the massive task of erecting the masts, spars and the 15 miles of rope comprising the rig, will take place.

v) The Ship's Boats

The Endeavour had three ship's boats: a yawl, a pinnace and a long boat. These boats were carvel planked and will be built in the traditional method in a special display area alongside the ship's hull.

From information supplied by Capt John Lancaster Guides Co-ordinator Endeavour Replica Pty Ltd

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 671, volume 12, number 2 (1989).

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