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Captain Cook conference in Paris on 7-8 February 2020


A conference about Captain Cook is taking place in early February in Paris.

It his being organised jointly by the Hakluyt Society, the Society for the Study of Anglophone travel literature (SELVA), Histoire et Dynamique des Espaces Anglophones (HDEA) and Voix Anglophones: Littérature et Esthétique (VALE).

It is free to attend, but you must email the co-ordinator, Pierre Lurbe, (pierrelurbe@gmail.com), by 27 January, telling him whether you intend to attend the entire conference or just one particular day or session.

It will be held on Friday 7 (all day) and Saturday 8 (in the morning) at
Sorbonne University, Amphithéâtre Georges Molinié, Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, 75006 Paris

The programme for the conference has just been published, and can be seen at  https://selva.hypotheses.org/cook-2020

and at http://hdea.paris-sorbonne.fr/node/201

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