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9 July, 1770


On 9 July, 1770, James Cook sent the Master “out again this morning provided with proper geer for Strikeing [the turtles] he having before nothing but a boat hook. Carpenters smiths and Coopers at their respective employments and the seamn employ'd geting on board stone ballast. This day all hands feasted upon turtle for the first time... Employ'd hoisting on board and stowing away the ground tier of water. In the PM saw Seven or eight of the Natives on the South side of the River and two of them came down upon the sandy point opposite the ship but as soon as I put off in a boat in order to speak with them they run away as hard fast as they could. At 11 oClock Mr Banks, who had gone out to sea with Mr Molineux the Master, returnd in his own small boat and gave but a very bad account of our turtle catchers. At the time he left them which was about 6 oClock, they had not got one nor were they likely to get any, and yet the Master was so obstinate that he would not return”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Myself went turtling in hopes to have loaded our long boat, but by a most unacountable conduct of the officer not one turtle was taken. I however went ashore upon the reef, saw the large Cockles and gatherd many shells and sea productions. At night returnd with my small boat leaving the large one upon the reef who I was sure would catch no turtle”.

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