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19 November, 1769


On 19 November, 1769, James Cook wrote “At Day light AM, the wind being still favourable, we weigh'd and run under an easy sail up the Inlet keeping nearest the East side... After having run five Leagues from the place where we anchor'd last night our depth of water gradually decreased to 6 fathom and into less I did not choose to go, and as the wind was right in blow'd right up the inlet and tide of flood we came too an Anchor nearly in the middle of the Channell which is here about 11 Miles over and after this sent two Boats to Sound the one on one side and the other on the other... At 2 PM the Boats returnd from sounding not haveing found above 3 feet more water than where we now lay; upon this I resolved to go no farther with the Ship, but to examine the head of the Bay in the boats for as it appeared to run a good way inland I thought this a good oportunity to see a little of the Interior parts of the Country and its produce”.

Joseph Banks wrote “This morn two Canoes came from the land who... calld Tupia by his name. We took some of them onboard who behavd very well... In the evening it came on thick and misty so we came to an anchor not a little pleasd to find our selves at least in a peaceable countrey”.

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