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19 February, 1770


On 19 February, 1770, James Cook wrote “At 8 AM having run 28 Leags upon a WBN½N Course and now judgeing our selves to be to the westward of the [main] Land... we bore away NW with a fresh gale at South.  At 10 oClock, having run 11 Miles upon this Course, we saw land extending from the SW to the NW at the distance of a bout 10 Leagues from us which we hauled up for... Steer'd SSW, but got very little to the Southward on account of a head Sea”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Last night about one the officer of the watch came down to the captn with the disagreable news of land right ahead and very near, which the wind which blew strong blew directly upon; we were soon however set at ease by the Captn comeing down and telling us that it was only a white cloud. In the morn it blew hard and before noon (to our great surprize) land was indeed in sight very high and far off. Many conjectures were made whether or not it was part of the land we had left but that can only be determind by future observations... This much for conjectures, but be it remembred that they are merely such and upon a subject that future observations will most probably clear up.

Tho we saw the land by noon and at that time we had a fresh breeze of Wind, yet it dropping nearly calm soon after we were at night very distant from it. We had however soundings a great way off and the land appeard very high, so that we once more cherishd strong hopes that we had at last compleated our wishes and that this was absolutely a part of the Southern continent”.

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