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10 July, 1770


On 10 July, 1770, James Cook sent “Mr Gore out in the yawl this mor[n]ing to order the [Master’s] boat and people in in case they could not be imploy'd there to some advantage.

In the AM 4 of the Natives came down to the sandy point on the north side of the harbour, having along with them a small wooden Canoe with outriggers in which they seemd to be employ'd striking fish &ca. Some were for going over in a boat to them but this I would not suffer but let them alone without seeming to take any notice of them, at length two of them came in the Canoe so near the Ship as to take some things we throw'd them, after this they went away and brought over the other two and came again along side nearer then they had done before and took such trifles as we gave them. After this they landed close to the Ship and all 4 came went a shore carrying their arms with them, but Tupia soon prevaild upon them to lay down their arms and come and set down by him, after which most of us went to them, and made them again some presents and stay'd by them untill dinner time, when we made them understand that we were going to eat and ask'd them by signs to go with us, but this they declined and as soon as we left them they went away in their canoe. One of these men was something above the Middle age, the other three were young, none of them were above 5½ feet high and all their features limbs proportionately small; they were wholy naked their skins the Colour of wood soot or a dark chocolate colour and this seem'd to be their natural Colour, their hair was black, lank and crope'd short and neither wooly nor frizled nor did they want any of their fore teeth, as Dampier has mentioned those did he saw on the western side of this Country. Some part of their bodies had been painted with red and one of them had his uper lip and breast paint[ed] with streakes of white which he called Carbanda: their features were far from being disagreeable, the Voices were soft and tunable and they could easily repeat many words after us, but neither us nor Tupia could understand one word they said... Employ'd airing the bread, stowing away water stores &ca. In the night Mr Gore and the Master returnd with the long-boat and brought with them one turtle and a few shell fish, the Yawl Mr Gore left upon the shoal with Six men to endeavour to Strike more turtle”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Four Indians appeard on the opposite shore; they had with them a Canoe made of wood with an outrigger in which two of them embarkd and came towards the ship but stop’d at the distance of a long Musquet shot, talking much and very loud to us. We hollowd to them and waving made them all the signs we could to come nearer; by degrees they venturd almost insensibly nearer and nearer till they were quite along side, often holding up their Lances as if to shew us that if we usd them ill they had weapons and would return our attack. Cloth, Nails, Paper, &c &c. was given to them all which they took and put into the canoe without shewing the least signs of satisfaction: at last a small fish was by accident thrown to them on which they expressd the greatest joy imaginable, and instantly putting off from the ship made signs that they would bring over their comrades, which they very soon did and all four landed near us, each carrying in his hand 2 Lances and his stick to throw them with. Tupia went towards [them]; they stood all in a row in the attitude of throwing their Lances; he made signs that they should lay them down and come forward without them; this they immediately did and sat down with him upon the ground. We then came up to them and made them presents of Beads, Cloth &c. which they took and soon became very easy, only Jealous if any one attempted to go between them and their arms. At dinner time we made signs to them to come with us and eat but they refusd; we left them and they going into their Canoe padled back to where they came from”.

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